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Industrial Vacuuming

Industrial Vacuum Services, Inc. (IVAC) specializes in removal of materials, wet or dry, from construction sites, wastewater treatment plants, silos, elevators, quarries and more. We perform services for small local businesses, city-owned facilities, giant corporations and everything in between. Our fleet of Supersucker® M-Class Industrial Vacuum Loaders are the largest industrial loaders in the industry, and IVAC provides the expertise, service and safety to match. Please click the button below to request a quote, or give us a call to discuss how IVAC can help your business, municipality or corporation today.

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Industrial Vacuuming Services

Industrial cleanup projects can demand immediate attention, become expensive and time consuming, and negatively affect your business by loss of time and revenue. These projects span a variety of industries, and can include wastewater, sludge removal, erosion control, HVAC ducts, clarifiers, digesters, silos, tanks and more.
IVAC’s industrial cleaning service delivers immediate response, quality service, proven experience and competitive pricing. We understand that lost time can stall projects, leading to additional loss of revenue. IVAC maximizes efficiency, while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards.
Call IVAC today to inquire about our industrial cleanup services, and keep us in mind when you need an immediate response to an emergency situation.

IVAC – The premier Industrial Cleaning Services company

Industrial Vacuum Services, Inc. (IVAC) is a leader in providing heavy duty cleaning services. We understand that with industrial cleanup projects, finding a solution can be difficult. IVAC’s Supersucker® M-Class Industrial Vacuum Loaders are the largest industrial loaders on the market and the premier vehicles in the industry. The combination of vacuum power and cleaning technology ensure that your cleanup will be performed quickly and efficiently.
IVAC specializes in industrial vacuuming, wastewater treatment plants, sludge removal, erosion control, pipe cleaning, hydro excavation, and filter media installation and removal.
IVAC’s reputation was built on, and thrives on the quality of our work and the value we provide our clients. We recognize the needs of our clients, and are committed to providing them the highest level of service, quality, efficiency and safety.

Our Commercial Cleanup Services

Take a look at the services you’ll discover with IVAC:
Industrial Vacuuming
Pipe Cleaning
Hydro Excavation
Sludge Removal
Filter Media Installation
Filter Media Removal
Waste Water
Wet Dry

Contact IVAC Today

Contact Industrial Vacuum Services, Inc. (IVAC) for an immediate response to an upcoming project or emergency cleanup. We are happy to provide your business or municipality with a quote, or mobilize our crew to provide emergency services.
IVAC has a broad range of capabilities to service inaccessible and unique projects so call us at 1.855.342.IVAC to inquire about our services.