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About Us

Industrial Vacuum Services, Inc. was established in 1998. It began in Charlotte, North Carolina, with one truck, one driver, a vision and old-fashioned hard work, grit and determination. It has grown to include a fleet of vehicles, a dedicated staff, and has expanded its services to 10 states, including all of the Southeastern Seaboard. The business continues to grow in size, expand its territories, and remains the leader in the industrial vacuuming industry.

President – Daniel K. Mahmood

Dan Mahmood is President and owner of Industrial Vacuum Services, Inc. He maintains active involvement in all aspects of the company, and is responsible for day to day management, sales, operations, safety, client relations, finances and employee training and management.

Dan began his career in the industry as an outside sales representative for an industrial vacuum company in Seattle, Washington. During this time, he learned and acquired all of the skills and knowledge that would enable him to begin his own industrial vacuuming company.

In 1996, Dan relocated to Charlotte, NC with his wife, Jennifer, who started a new event marketing firm in Charlotte that specialized in college and sports marketing. Upon arrival in Charlotte, Dan saw an immediate need for industrial vacuuming. His first year of employment in Charlotte was as an outside sales representative for a rental tool company. This helped establish his knowledge of the area and developed relationships that would continue through the creation of IVAC.

In 1998 Dan started Industrial Vacuum Services, with one truck and one driver. Fourteen years later, the fleet has tripled and the company employs several full-time crews. Industrial Vacuum Services has an excellent reputation in the industry for quick response, safety, knowledge, efficiency, and exceptional customer service. Dan would like to thank all of his customers over the years for the opportunity to serve them and grow IVAC into the industry leader it is today.

Vice President – Jennifer D. Mahmood

Jennifer Mahmood is Vice President and co-owner of Industrial Vacuum Services, Inc. She is actively involved in day to day management and plays an integral role in nearly all aspects of the company. She has a superb understanding of the industry and the services IVAC performs. In addition to organizing schedules, staying informed of upcoming projects, and directing client communication, Jennifer has a host of other responsibilities. She maintains all of the company’s finances, accounting, and performs all human resources duties. She also manages customer, vendor, and employee relations.

Jennifer began her career in marketing after graduating from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. She excelled and quickly rose from Event Coordinator to Event Marketing Manager. She was recruited to move to Charlotte and start up a new event marketing firm that specialized in college and sports marketing. During her eight years at Pro Performance Marketing, Jennifer was a key part of its growth and success. As Vice President, she was responsible for the day to day operation of the company and its 20 employees.

In 2002, Jennifer and Dan Mahmood decided that her services and skills would best benefit Industrial Vacuum Services, as the company was growing and in need of a detailed, efficient team player to manage the finances and help with the day to day operation.  Jennifer has proven an invaluable member of the team and is committed to the continued growth of the company.