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Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation is a safe and efficient process that uses high-pressure water to expose underground utilities, allowing maintenance to be done without the need for heavy equipment. It is also referred to as pot holing, daylighting, soft digging or slot trenching to name a few.

If underground utilities such as gas lines, water lines, and cable lines need to be inspected or repaired, IVAC is the least intrusive, cleanest solution. Our SuperSucker® Industrial Vacuum Loader simultaneously jets water and vacuums, allowing us to quickly dig holes, pits and trenches. The process uses a combination of 4000 psi water jets and a vacuum to remove the loosened material from around the utilities and structures. By utilizing this process, this allows the customer to access hard-to-reach areas with minimal disruptions to the work area.

Hydro Excavation prevents excessive removal of surrounding materials, quicker access, and eliminates the risk of damaging the utilities during the material removal process. Lastly, it allows for easy containment and transport, if necessary, of the materials removed to access the underground utilities.


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