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Pipe Cleaning

If you read the vacuuming section of the website, you are aware that one of the many strengths of the SuperSucker® Industrial Vacuum Loader is its versatility. Pipe cleaning is another service we provide that utilizes its capabilities.

The powerful combination trucks are able to flush and vacuum pipes with diameters ranging from 4” to 96”. The pipes are flushed at 100 gallons per minute with 2500 psi. Our trucks can clean up to 800 feet of pipe in a single pass, and vacuum through an 8” hose up to 2,000 feet from the truck.

The flushing process will remove any sand, grit, sludge, rocks, or other material that may be in your pipes. Additionally, the power and pressure behind the cleaning process will clear all blockages within your pipes.

Our technology allows us to film the cleansed pipes and show our clients video of their clean and clear pipes.

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