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Industrial Vacuuming Services

Our fleet of SuperSucker® M-Class Industrial Vacuum Loaders contains the most powerful trucks on the market today. They are equipped with an eight-inch hose capable of pulling a full 28-inch negative vacuum at 6,000 cubic feet per minute airflow.


Our trucks possess the ability to get to places that can be inaccessible to other vehicles and equipment. We can vacuum remote areas over 2,000 feet from the truck. This is ideal for construction sites, creeks and railcar derailments that are prohibitively difficult for others to access.

Confined Spaces

Our crew is Confined Space trained to vacuum areas that are typically difficult to reach.

One-Step Transferring

One advantage of our trucks is the efficiency to vacuum materials, and transfer those materials into another holding container (truck, silo, tank, etc.) in one step.


A wide range of materials, wet or dry, can be vacuumed including:

Sand, Sludge, Slag, Abrasives, Wood Chips, Cement, Cement Powder, Fly Ash, Pulp, Mill Scale Grain Products and Rock.


Our trucks are custom made, and our crew is trained to keep them maintained in impeccable working order. Each truck is regularly inspected, thoroughly checked, and upheld to the highest efficiency and safety standards.


IVAC accommodates our clients to the best of our ability. Whether the project requires one mobilization or several mobilizations, one truck or several trucks, we will coordinate a plan that works best for the client and achieves all the desired results within the specified time.

On Site or Off Site Disposal

However you prefer to dispose of the removed materials, IVAC will locate and supply all the resources necessary to do this in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.


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