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Water Treatment & Waste Water Treatment Plants

Industrial Vacuum Services, Inc. (IVAC) takes pride in assisting counties and municipalities across the region with water rehabilitation, restoration and improvement projects. Our role in the maintenance of these facilities helps ensure the clean supply of water to all of the surrounding homes and businesses.

Our services include sludge removal, filter media removal and disposal, and filter media installation.

Sludge Removal

A large number of cities across the Southeastern United States rely on IVAC’s sludge removal services to help maintain their water treatment facilities and continue to provide their communities with clean water. Industrial Vacuum Services, Inc. is experienced in all stages of sludge removal, including pre-demolition, rehabilitation and routine maintenance and cleaning. Our sludge removal services include filters, clarifiers, pipes, digesters, tanks and many other structures that accumulate sludge. Our Supersucker® M-Class Industrial Vacuum Loaders also have pressure-washing capabilities, ensuring that not only will the sludge be removed, the surfaces will be cleaned also.

Filter Media Removal and Installation

Our SuperSucker® Industrial Vacuum Loaders possess the power and ability to vacuum media from filters, digesters, clarifiers, lift stations, pump stations, aeration basins, chlorine contact chambers and more. This thorough cleaning ensures that all media is removed from your filters.

Once the media has been removed to your specifications, we install new media into the filter through an induction process. This allows the material to be quickly and efficiently distributed. We can install media in multiple layers, which typically includes sand, rocks, anthracite, and other materials. It is placed throughout various depths according to the project specifications.

Our crews are also trained to install media using a crane system, depending on the construction stage of the project. We also offer filter disinfection, pressure washing, and filter skimming as it’s needed.


If you cannot dispose of the material onsite, need it separated or need it pressed, we will supply the necessary equipment to remove the material and find an offsite location for disposal.

Why Choose IVAC?

Precision, Quality and Efficiency

IVAC performs each project with the utmost safety and precision. We strive to match our client’s specifications as precisely as possible, and deliver the results they expect to achieve maximum quality and efficiency.

IVAC’s vacuums and inductors can quickly and efficiently remove and install the filter media, maximizing speed without minimizing quality or safety. The fast and steady method of our vacuums also eliminates the risk posed by heavy machinery of damage to equipment during the removal process. This can save time, money, and keep a project from grinding to a halt.

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