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Welcome to Industrial Vacuum Services, Inc. (IVAC)

Thank you for stopping in to the blog while visiting our brand-new website.

Fifteen years ago, new Charlotte resident Dan Mahmood saw the need for an industrial vacuum service in the Queen City. He developed a business plan, acquired a truck, hired a driver and in 1998 Industrial Vacuum Services, Inc. (IVAC) was born.

The company began with one truck, two men and the Charlotte metropolitan area. IVAC has flourished to include a fleet of vehicles, several full-time crews, and regularly services the entire Southeast region of the United States. From the southern tip of Miami, Florida, to the nation’s capital in Washington, D.C., IVAC is proud to consistently provide quality service to our clients.

Many businesses and municipalities in the Southeast rely on IVAC for their industrial cleaning needs because we have shown them what makes us a leader in the industry:

  • We offer the highest level of quality, service, efficiency and safety.
  • We make a 24 / 7 commitment to our clients and are prepared to assist in emergency situations.
  • Our crews are professional, well-trained, experienced, knowledgeable, hard-working and always focus on safety.
  • Our trucks are impeccably maintained, reliable, and the biggest, most powerful trucks on the market. IVAC believes that to be our best, we have to use the best, and that is why we invest in trucks that consistently outperform the others.


As IVAC approaches our 15th anniversary, we are on pace for accelerated growth and expansion. Our territory and markets continue to expand, and in addition to the Southeast, we have upcoming projects in Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and Maryland. We also look forward to adding another commercial vehicle to our fleet in the near future.

IVAC is proud of the growth and success of the company in the last 14 years, and we are entering the 15th year with as much passion, dedication and commitment to our clients as the first. We launched our new website to provide increased visibility to our clients, cultivate a greater understanding of our service capabilities, and to provide glimpses into our company and industry.

We hope you enjoy the new look, and please check back for future blog posts and interactive additions to our site.